5 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

This week I’m going to talk about some products that can help make your kitchen more eco-friendly. While these items do reduce waste, its important to remember that they are only sustainable when used over long periods of time to replace single-use items.

I’ve seen a lot of zero waste websites promoting items that eliminate the need for plastic, but will actually take longer to biodegrade.

These are still good alternatives to purchase when you need them, but replacing them just because they’re more eco-friendly is counterproductive. Having single-use items in your home doesn’t make you a bad person, just replace them with sustainable swaps when you’re able to!


Everyone’s path to a sustainable life looks a little different and you shouldn’t feel guilty because you produce more waste than someone else. I hope these products are helpful and can help reduce the amount of single-use products in your home!

This post contains affiliate links, if you purchase products through the links in the images I will receive a portion of the sale.

1. Bamboo Utensils

Bamboo is a great sustainable material because it grows very quickly and biodegrades faster than plastic and metal. This set comes with several utensils and you can take it with you anywhere! There are many different options on Amazon and Etsy so you can find a set that you like best.

2. Reusable Snack Bags

These reusable bags are a perfect replacement for single-use Ziploc bags that are a big contributor to plastic waste. This pack of ten comes with snack and sandwich sizes, but they also have an option of gallon size bags. They’re easy to clean and a simple way to eliminate disposable plastic in your home.

3. Bowl Covers

Another substitute for plastic products is this set of elastic bowl covers that make it easy to store food without waste. Instead of buying plastic wrap or tupperware, you can just cover your container with these and they’ll prevent food from spoiling. If you’re able to sew you could also make these at home to save money!

4. Reusable Napkins

The convenience of paper towels makes them one of the number one contributors to paper waste. If you don’t mind spending a little more money, there are reusable paper towels that snap together to form a roll. However I find that these work just as well and are much less expensive.

5. Bamboo Straws

Straws have become associated with the most recent fad in sustainability, but in reality they’re only a small part of the problem. While there are more significant environmental issues, reducing single-use straws is still a small step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

If you can go without straws completely that’s even better but these are a good substitute if you don’t want to give them up.

Hopefully these gave you some ideas to make your kitchen more eco-friendly! If you’re looking for sustainable cleaning products you can check out my article on that here. Stay safe and if you have the opportunity, take this time to make changes towards a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle!

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