Simple Swaps For A More Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Hey everyone! This is my first post in my series of becoming more environmentally conscious, by finding ways to make each room in my house a little more sustainable.

I decided to start off with my bathroom because I know that a lot of my waste and water consumption comes from there. In this post I’ll explain the products I switched to that helped me reduce the single-use and plastic waste that I produce.

This post contains affiliate links, if you purchase products through the links in the images I will receive a portion of the sale.


Your toothbrush is one of the easiest things to make eco-friendly in your bathroom, especially if you weren’t previously using an electric one. There are several different options for bamboo toothbrushes on amazon but I like these because they are affordable, biodegradable, and come in a pack of four.

As of right now I don’t plan on switching to a zero waste or diy toothpaste until I’m able to talk with my dentist. While a sustainable lifestyle is important to me, its not something that I want to sacrifice my health over.

If you find that an electric toothbrush works better for you that’s fine! You can still live an environmentally friendly lifestyle without every aspect of your life being 100% sustainable.


This is a product I had switched to before starting this blog, and while it was very different at first, its pretty easy to get used to. If this is out of your comfort zone, you can always get q-tips made from sustainably sourced materials, or try to go without using them at all.

When I bought mine I was able to buy a single metal q-tip, but the only option I could find on Amazon was sets of them.

Cotton Balls

This product swap is pretty common, but it can make a big difference. These cloth facial pads are an easy switch and they also come with a bag to wash them in. Even though they’re labeled as makeup remover pads, I use them for toner and now I even prefer them over cotton balls.

Amazon has several different options you can choose from, or you could make your own at home by cutting a towel into small pieces and sewing around the edges.

Hand/Body Soap

This is arguably the easiest swap you can make to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom. Bar soap is a great small step towards a sustainable bathroom that anyone can make. It’s also available in almost every store and you can pick from a variety of options.

I like this brand because it comes in paper packaging instead of plastic and its made with fewer synthetic ingredients than other brands.

Shampoo and Conditioner

When I bought this shampoo and conditioner bar I was almost positive that I was going to have several issues with it, because I’m pretty picky about my hair products. I chose this one because it was an inexpensive option and I’ve used this brand before and liked their products.

I was concerned that it might not work well because my hair can be oily sometimes, but it didn’t leave any residue in my roots and it moisturized my ends well.

Eventually I’d like to find shampoo and conditioner bars that work even better for my hair type, but I think this one is a good starting point for anyone buying their first bar hair products.

So that’s all of the changes I’ve made so far to single-use and hygiene products in my bathroom! While I know there are still many ways to be more sustainable, I’m happy with the small steps I’ve taken towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you want to see the eco-friendly cleaning products I’ve started using click here. Thanks for reading!

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